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Darkrai and the Void Empty Darkrai and the Void

Post  SkullChao on Fri Jun 01, 2012 9:03 pm

You've been selected from your village as a sacrifice to the legends. Just before your sacrificial death, a void opened and sucked you inside. You're knocked unconscious and awake to see a pitch black sky with blood-red dirt. Floating chunks of dirt and stone hover around, pokemon peering down on you from above. Where are you? Why are all these pokemon saying "The Chosen One" for? And most importantly, what are you going to do?

Form for entry:
Pokemon (no legends):
Moves(2 and one made up or not signature move) :
Description(how they act, look)

My Form

Name: Jello
Pokemon: Reuniclus
Gender: Male
Moves: Psyshock, Dizzy Punch, Psyvolt (Psychic type move with 30% chance of paralysis)
Desc: Very thoughtful, shy. Looks normal except he has yellow gel around him instead of green

we will start when we have about 2 more people.

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